Selecting The Best Payday Loan For You

Saturday, March 2, 2013

A same day payday loan can come in many different forms, and more importantly, from many different providers. While some are certainly better than others, the terms and details of each will suit different people's needs accordingly, so there is no best payday loan for everyone in general. It is better to look at what specific needs you have and find a lender to suit.

If you're obtaining a paycheck loan, you've probably already ruled out a credit card application or a bank overdraft for your needs (due to time constraints, credit rating, or whatever reason you may have). Similarly, you'll have dismissed the option of surrendering something valuable by way of collateral for a short term loan from a pawnbroker. The advantage of these loans over these other options is that you can usually obtain one within a day, your credit rating is not considered, you do not risk losing any collateral even if your repayment is late, and most providers will not apply any ongoing account keeping fees other than the already high rate of interest.

A same day payday loan is usually obtained with terms of a month or less. Ideally, you obtain your cash advance from a lender, and repay it in a single installment after your next paycheck. To determine which lender is best for you, you need to consider several factors. These include:

Availability. Most areas in developed nations throughout the world have payday loan providers, or something to the equivalent. The trick is in finding them. Since you're reading this, you probably have Web access, which makes this step much easier for everyone. Search your area for local payday lenders either with a Web search, phonebook, or both. Make a shortlist of lenders who are in the same state or locality as you, for convenience and your own legal security. Some lenders exist exclusively online, while others have an office you can visit. While there is nothing necessarily wrong with the online option, you should never select a lender who does not list a physical address where the business is located. A post office box number is inadequate.

Rates. Rates offered by paycheck loan providers will differ sharply between small geographical regions within the same city, never mind between countries. In order to decide which is the best same day payday loan for you, you need to compare the rates of interest charged by each of the providers on your shortlist. Be very careful here, and be sure to read the fine print. Some loans could be charged at 50 times the interest rate of your typical credit card.

Terms. You might need a slightly longer repayment period than some providers will allow. Good paycheck loan providers will offer at least one loan with a longer repayment window at a lower rate of interest. More importantly, you want to know what all of the fine print says, and what - if any - extra fees you might have to end up paying. Your best loan provider will definitely make the full list of fees, rates, and conditions easily available to you. In most countries, they are required to do so by law, so if you find an online lender who doesn't, and you're unable to obtain the full schedule by request, you should avoid the lender in question.

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