Why Choose Us

Why Choose iCashLoans?

When you need cash quickly you want to work with a service that is reliable and experienced in the payday loan industry - iCashLoans is both. We pride ourselves on connecting our customers with the best payday lenders to meet their needs. Why waste time visiting dozens of websites trying to figure out which lender will serve you best? iCashLoans is the only site that you need to visit when you’re looking for a fast, secure payday loan.

We Are Dedicated To Keeping Your Information Safe

At iCashLoans we take keeping your personal information safe very seriously. Our site uses state of the art 256 bit SSL encryption protocol while handling your data. So many payday loan sites are either not secure, or are a front to steal sensitive information from you. The information that you provide to iCashLoans is transmitted safely and securely.

iCashLoans Gives You Options

When you use iCashLoans it is easy to see all of the payday loan options that are available to you. Looking at loans side by side makes it simple for you to compare, analyze, and select the loan that works best for you.

Our Service Helps You Find the Best Rates and Terms

Each one of the payday lenders in our network wants you as a customer, and they know that when you use iCashLoans you will have many options when it comes to lenders. This fact makes the lenders compete for your business, which results in lower interest rates, and better loan terms. You won’t get these advantages anywhere else!

You Will Get Your Money Fast

We know that when you are looking for a payday loan you need funds fast. Our service is designed to quickly match you with a lender, making it possible to get your money as quickly as possible. You don’t have to spend time driving to a payday loan store, nor do you need to waste time searching the internet for a payday loan provider.
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