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Friday, February 8, 2013

We have the Chinese to thank for a lot of things. From paper to gunpowder to cheap electronic products - all these are part of the legacy of this nation. Of course, we cannot overlook fireworks, food, and all that come with the Chinese New Year, which is actually being celebrated today. Oh, and I should not leave out the countless beliefs - superstitions as some like to call them - that have been handed on from one generation to the next.

I don't know if I am hitting the mark here but I seem to remember a Chinese friend telling me that if you start the year with a considerable amount of cash, then you are bound to have your coffers overflowing for the rest of the year. Whether you believe it or not, though, it is always good to have some extra cash handy in case a situation arises wherein you would need that extra money.

One way by which you can get your hands on some extra money is by getting out a payday loan. This loan is a short term loan which most anyone in the United Kingdom can avail of. A payday loan is dubbed short term mainly because you - the borrower - are required to pay it back within a relatively short period of time. This period usually covers a month or so, but it really depends on the specific payday loan provider that you borrow money from and your circumstances as well.

So how do you get a payday loan? It is very very easy and requires almost no effort on your part. Just make sure that you have the simple documentation on hand and you will be good to go. The documentation that you will need includes papers that will prove the following:

1. That you are 18 years of age
2. That you are a resident or a citizen of the United Kingdom
3. That you have a current bank account
4. That you have a regular source of income.

As you may have already surmised, it is very easy to prove the first three things. Proof of ID and some numbers are all that you need. For the last requirement, you might have to exert a tad more effort. If you are employed, then all you need is to make copies of your latest pay stubs and show these to the payday loan lender. If you run your own business then your latest financial statements will do. Just remember that the ultimate goal is to show to the payday loan lender that you have money coming in at regular intervals and that you will have enough to pay the loan back.

And since payday loan lenders - at least most of them - operate online, you really do not have to go to an office to submit these papers. All that you need is your computer and perhaps a fax machine. Most of them will accept electronic copies of the documents and base their decision on those.

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