Quick Quid Review - Is Quick Quid A Good Payday Loan Lender?

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Quick Quid is one of the prominent payday loan lenders in the UK. They loan up to £1500 and deposit funds in one hour. But new customers get up to £1000 and this can be increased after a good borrowing record. And they charge 25% per loan term and the full amount is repaid on the next payday.

Their requirements are simple and are similar with other payday loan lenders. And they are:Have a bank account Be at least 18 years old Be employed and receive a regular paycheque or salary Be a UK resident

So if you meet the above criteria, the funds will be deposited in your account within 60 minutes. And you easily repay the loan with interest on your next payday.

We've scored Quick Quid 4 out of 5 stars for its total service. And that's because they have a professional service and helpful customer team. But they also have a few problems and some online customer reviews say they are slow in making a decision, especially for new applicants.

As with other loan lenders, there are pros and cons you should be aware of and we've included some of the major ones below:


1. Quick Quid is one of the few lenders that deposit funds on the weekend. You can apply on Saturday or Sunday and they'll transfer the funds within an hour ready for you to use.

2. You get a quick approval from Quick Quid and they don't require you to fax in any documents

3. They have a simple online two-step application that only takes 5 minutes or less to complete.

4. They have the highest maximum loan amount among UK payday loan lenders; and its £1500 for regular customers and £1000 for new customers. Most lenders only loan up to £750 for both new and regular customers

5. Quick Quid approve loans and process within 30 minutes. And they approve and transfer funds up to 10pm, which is far later than many lenders who close at 5pm.

6. They have 2 repayment loan options which are listed on the new loan request section. The 2-period repayment option provides you with a longer payback period. And the 1-period payment option requires you to pay back the loan and finance charge on your first due date.

7. Quick Quid allow you to extend your loan so you can pay it back on a later date. But you should check the rates & terms page to see if you're eligible for an extension.


1. Customer reviews show that they delay at times on new applicants and may need more info before approving your loan

2. They carry out credit checks on new applicants

Our rating on Quick Quid is based on their excellent terms and features. And they are more flexible than many other lenders. And the fact that they work on weekends and continue processing loans up to 10pm shows that Quick Quid understand their customer base and are always on hand to help.


Overall, Quick Quid is a good payday loan lender and customer reviews show that they provide an excellent service. There are a few complaints about delays and this is expected of course, but we are pleased with their level of service and unique features that make it an outstanding lender.

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