No Teletrack Payday Loan - Easy and Fast Way to Get Money in Emergencies

Saturday, January 12, 2013

When you require some money very fast to meet an expense, then go for no teletrack payday loan. In this kind of programs, no background check is done before approving the loan. The lending company simply requires proof of your employment and income. In case of no teletrack payday loan, they don't do your credit check and they don't use the teletracking tool to know about any other loans you might have taken.

What Is Teletracking?

The lending companies generally use the online system of teletracking before approving any type of cash advance. In this system, they can check if the borrower has any pending cash loan and if you have defaulted in making the repayments. If they find a bad record, they might turn down your application. However, when the lender gives you an option of no teletrack progrma, it means they will not do any background check on your history. This makes the process faster and getting approval is much easier.

These programs of-course come with a higher cost. The fee of these loans, where teletrack is not done, is higher than the fees normally charged for lending the Georgia payday loan. If you have a bad record of unsecured loans, where you have defaulted on the payments or have extended the loans much further months, then you should go for the no teletrack program.

However, if your old records are clean, no need to apply for no teletrack loans, a simple payday loan in Georgia or any other state will do. Lending companies, in almost all the cases, do not do credit history check. Thus, it is a good way to lower your costs of a cash advance, at the same time meet your expenses efficiently too.

The eligibility criteria is also very simple. You have to be a US citizen, at least 18 years of age. You must have a job with salary not less that $1000 per month and you must possess a checking account. The approval is instant and you receive money in your bank account within a day. The repayments are also similarly done online by you.

If you really need the money to meet unexpected expenses till your payday, this is the way to go. Try to repay the cash advance as soon as you get your salary, otherwise, your loan will be rolled on and this will attract greater fees and thus be costlier to you. No teletrack payday loans are there for your convenience, to provide you with instant cash when you require it badly. Make optimum use of it and get peace of mind.

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