Payday Loan Debt - What Type Of Payday Loan Software Spreadsheet Do You Need?

Monday, December 10, 2012

Have you taken out a payday loan only to find you have to take out another loan to pay the first one? Pretty soon you have multiple loans and you are not paying your them but paying off the interest only. Sound like you? Well you need to put your finances in order, start a budget and get a spreadsheet like the payday loan organizer before you end up in bankruptcy.

Our website has a free payday loan debt software spreadsheet that you can use for multiple loans. The spreadsheet uses your existing software (Excel or Calc) to organize all your loans and get rid of your debt. The spreadsheets include a budget for your expenses tied to your income making it easy to see your bottom line. The software is easy to use and includes an online help page to assist you in using the spreadsheets.

The software you need to use the spreadsheets is either Microsoft Office Suite - Excel or OpenOffice Suite - Calc and download links are included for these programs. If you cannot afford Microsoft Office Suite (presently around $100) then don't fret OpenOffice Suite is free. Download the free tool from the website and open in Excel or Calc.

Some of the following features of this debt software spreadsheet calculator are: organizes up to six loans, calculates loan amounts and interest, calculates rollovers and calculates paycheck balance. You can create what if scenarios by easily changing amounts paid or rollovers. The biweekly budget is linked to the payday loans and new loans. You can compare your actual budget to your estimated budget. Calculations are also made on the spreadsheets for APR% (Annual Percentage Rate) that you can compare with your payday loan company agreements.

You have some choices to make: you can file bankruptcy, try debt consolidation or help yourself with this free tool from our website, This tool has been used by others to manage their payday loan debts. So visit our site and download your copy now.

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