Don't Be a Victim! 5 Signs to Watch Out For to Spot Scam Payday Loans

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Like pretty much everyone else on the planet (except maybe the Sultan of Brunei and Bill Gates), you're feeling the financial squeeze because of the ongoing economic upheavals. Usually, you're pretty much covered from your day-to-day expenses, but there are just some times when you're caught short between paydays because of unexpected expenses or sudden emergencies that require finances.

Now, if you find yourself in this kind of situation, you're usually going to look for some fast, easy money, and while playing the lottery does seem great for an enormous cash-in, you'd have better chance of some stranger coming along and paying all your bills anonymously than winning the lottery. So what's the next best thing? Getting payday loans online of course!

Whatever kind you choose from the myriad payday loans available, the gist is pretty much all the same: they'll lend you money quick, fast and easy. Just a simple click of the mouse, pretty much an hour's wait at the most, and you'll have cash ready for you at the loaning premises, or sitting in your account.

Be warned, though! Because of the promise of easy and fast money, a lot of people are jumping on the bandwagon, and using this opportunity to scam people! Here are some things to look out for when using payday loans online services:

1.No references - Yikes! If a website suddenly just appears out of the blue, and no other website, or very few others mention it's credibility, beware! Websites are easy to create, and even easier to take down. They're like mushrooms. Here today, gone tomorrow.

2.Too good to be true! - This is an old ploy that is used by scammers the world over. If the website you're browsing has offers that are simply too good to be true (ex. Inexplicably high loan rates, inexplicably small interest rates, loaning period that seem to extend to forever), again, be wary! Remember the old saying. In this instance, it's usually right.

3.Snagging small print - Be careful before you enter any contract with any loan company! There just might be a clause or two in the contract's fine print that will cause major headache for you in the future. Make sure you really read through the whole document carefully. There are some companies that use legal mumbo-jumbo, so if there's something that you can't understand, make sure that you have them clarify it first.

4.Make sure that your computer is secured! - A lot of "loan sites" online are actually "phishing" sites, where, upon just visiting their website, a program installed in the website can already infiltrate your computer and take all your sensitive information stored there. Make sure that your computer has a good firewall and anti-phishing program before exploring the Internet. Also, avoid saving sensitive information in something as easily accessed and exploited as a computer.

5.Always, always, double-check everything - Once you're sure?think again! Always make sure that all the references and testimonials of the online loaning site are credible. Make calls, do your own research, search other websites. Google is a great tool in doing this. Remember, better safe than sorry!

So, always keep in mind that for every person out there who's willing to lend you money with payday loans, there's someone plotting to take it away from you! Make sure to keep your wits and common sense around you, and making payday loans online can be a quick, convenient and fruitful experience!

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